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"With business experience, collaborative leadership, and support for family-wage jobs, I will help her ensure that Olympia’s economy thrives"


A thriving economy is traditionally defined as having good jobs and the right goods and services to support its community.

I want to take this a step further because I believe a thriving economy should also match the values and ethos of its local residents.

We’re fortunate to be the seat of our state and county governments which provide a stability that other communities envy. But what’s envious as well is that Olympia’s economy is mindfully created by a highly educated, expressive and creative community of people. Entrepreneurs and small business owners add the majority of new jobs to our region while also contributing to a nationally recognized, vibrant quality of life. We have access to some of the finest healthcare, education and recreational opportunities balanced with craft beverages, cultural assets and culinary experiences.

Some of this mix is organic and some of it is due to city will, vision and planning.

I’m proud to support our award-winning Downtown Strategy as it becomes a reality that's made our core a more vibrant and attractive place to live, work and play.

To bring a clearer sense of direction to our Downtown Strategy Plan and to promote economic resilience, I helped facilitate the creation of Olympia’s first Economic Development Director. Due to the Downtown Strategy’s vision and our Economic Development Director’s guidance, we are seeing unprecedented investment that hasn’t been realized since Capital Mall was built in the 70’s.  

I also voted to establish downtown as a Community Renewal Area. This has allowed for increased flexibility for public and private investment and encouraged community renewal.

 As your current and future Mayor, I am dedicated to growing Olympia’s well-rounded economy while ensuring that the needs of all citizens can be met.

Committee to Elect Cheryl Selby
120 State Ave NE #211
Olympia, WA 98501
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