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 "Having been a small business owner in downtown Olympia myself, I have both the experience and credibility needed to work with business owners and community groups to restore the vitality of Olympia’s downtown core"


Downtown Olympia is a vibrant, historical and beautifully-situated destination. We need to cultivate these assets in the most effective way possible.

This means:

  • Ensuring our downtown is a safe and welcoming place for everyone,
  • Developing a healthy local economy by encouraging a mix of urban housing options and a variety of businesses to develop,
  • Weaving historical and cultural resources into the downtown fabric, and
  • Engaging the unique arts and entertainment experiences Olympia has to offer


Downtown Strategy

I worked with the city of Olympia to draft and adopt a downtown strategy plan. The downtown strategy plan is based on inclusive and realistic guiding principles that help to guide the implementation of strategies for effective and equitable land use, community development, economic development, housing methods, and much more.

Check out this link to the Downtown Olympia Strategy Summary for more details.



ArCH stands for Arts, Cultures and Heritage and is plan and report drafted by the city of Olympia with the purpose of preserving and supporting the unique arts, cultures and heritage that find their home in our community.

Using the ArCH report, I have worked to ensure that these priceless community resources are protected and integrated into Olympia’s broader downtown strategy.

Check out this link to the final ArCH report for more details.

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