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We proudly support the re-election of Cheryl Selby for Mayor of Olympia and hope you do too!



Elected Officials

Denny Heck – US Congressional Representative - District 10

Kim Wyman – Washington Secretary of State

Chris Reykdal - WA State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Sam Hunt – Senator LD 22

Beth Doglio - Representative LD 22

Laurie Dolan – Representative LD 22

Jon Tunheim – Thurston County Prosecutor

Linda Enlow – Thurston County Clerk

Steven Drew – Thurston County Assessor

Jeff Gadman - Thurston County Treasurer

John Snaza - Thurston County Sheriff

Andy Ryder – Mayor of Lacey

Pete Kmet – Mayor of Tumwater

JW Foster – Mayor of Yelm

Wayne Fournier – Mayor of Tenino

Alan Carr – Mayor of Bucoda

Robert Shaw – Mayor of Rainier

Cynthia Pratt – Lacey Mayor Pro Tem

Michael Steadman - Lacey City Council Member

Lynda Zeman Nashed Zeman - Lacey City Council Member

Leatta Dahlhoff – Tumwater City Council Member

Joan Cathey - Tumwater City Council Member

Eileen Swarthout – Tumwater City Council Member

Debbie Sullivan - Tumwater City Council Member

Hilary Siedel – Olympia School Board Member

Scott Clifthorne- Olympia School Board Member

Joellen Wilhelm - Olympia School Board Member

Graeme Sackrison - North Thurston School Board Member, Former Lacey Mayor

Liberty Ryder – Commissioner Lacey Fire District 3

Bill McGregor - Port Commissioner

Joe Downing  - Port Commissioner 

Khalia Davis - Tumwater School Board

Kim Reykdal - Tumwater School Board Member




“We endorse Selby because of her integrity, independent-mindedness, and large network of productive relationships that will serve the city well in turbulent times.” 

~The Olympian Editorial Board






The Olympian Editorial Board

Washington State Federation of Democratic Women

Olympia Fire Fighters IAFF Local 468

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii

Thurston County Democratic Women

Thurston County Young Democrats

National Women's Political Caucus - Washington

NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28

International Union of Operating Engineers

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 77

South Puget Sound Carpenters Local 129


Former Elected Officials


“As Mayor of Olympia, Cheryl has brought a positive vision, effective leadership and a commitment to public service while staying well connected with residents.” 

~Karen Fraser, State Senator, retired


 Gerry Alexander – Former Supreme Court Justice

Ralph Munro – Former Secretary of State

Sam Reed – Former Secretary of State

Karen Fraser – Former Senator LD 22

Fred Finn – Former Representative LD 35

Kathleen Drew - Former Representative LD 5

Mike Murphy - Former WA State Treasurer - Happily Retired

Sandra Romero – Former Thurston County Commissioner

Cathy Wolfe - Former Thurston County Commissioner

Shawn Myers – Former Thurston County Treasurer

Doug Mah – Former Mayor of Olympia

Mark Foutch – Former Mayor of Olympia

Holly Gadbaw - Former Mayor of Olympia

Steve Langer - Former Olympia City Council Member

Jeannine Roe – Former Olympia City Council Member

Craig Ottavelli – Former Olympia City Council

Dave Nicandri – Former Tumwater City Council Member

Eileen Thomson – Former Olympia School Board Member

Ed Holm - Former Thurston County Prosecutor

Jon Halvorson - Former Mayor of Lacey

Rachel Young – Former Lacey City Council Member

Julie Hankins - Former Olympia City Council


Community Members


 "Contrary to the common perception, Olympia is a diverse community and Cheryl has done a great job of striking a balance and moving our city forward. It's really wonderful seeing downtown finally moving forward and becoming a great place to live!"

~Gray and Joy Graham


Joyce Turner

Kathleen White

Jean Mandeberg

Susan Herring

Jeff Engle

Paul Knox

Ken Guza

Steve Hyer Jr. 

Dani Madrone

Merrit D. Long

Marsha Tadano Long

Pit Kwiecinski

Gray and Joy Graham 

Reiko Callner

Liz Dalton and Steven Brink

Maria Flores 

Ralph Chappell

Lucille Carlson

Molly Sullivan

Charles Shelan

Curt and Marge Smitch

Robert Knudsen

Whitney Sederberg

Ray Peters

Dennis and Kay Cooper

Wendy Holden

Jay Manning

David Maltman

David Wasson

Tam Toscher

Larry and Cathy Watkinson

Luke and Whitney Bowerman

Christina Meserve

Kris Tucker

Lee Doyle

Chris Garst

Cullen Stephenson

Bruce Botka

Brian Hovis

Joe Kane

Jack Kiley

Deb Ross

Liz Davis

Kris and Jewell Goddard

Aslan Meade

Bill and Jacki Gavin

Christi Janett

Tom and Tracy Jameson

Rachael Jamison

Ron and Barb Hinton

Julie Frank

Scott Royer

Mike Auderer

Candace Jacobs

Dave Sederberg

Denise Clifford

Monica Crawford

Don and Carol Law

Paul Berendt

Katrina Wynkoop Simmons

Val Gerst

Kathleen Drew

Lorraine Clark

Jim Brown

Courtney Schrieve

Don and Chris Volkmann

Barbara Burke

Manfred K. Joeres

Todd Monohon 

Steve and Nancy Bean

Tom Helpenstell, M.D.

Margaret Holm

Joanna West

Nicole Williams

Patti Johnson

Dan and Mary Weiss

Sheila Fay, M.D.

Leonor Fuller

William Garrett, M.D.

Zach Kosturos

Charlie and Marilyn Roe

Dean and Sharon Foster

Jim Burlingame

Mary Corso

Vinny Schicchi

Chuck and Karla Fowler

Bonnie Finn

Mike and Kathy McCormick

Sam and Kristin Costello

Amal Joury

Georg and Linda Lamb

Beth Johnson


Committee to Elect Cheryl Selby
120 State Ave NE #211
Olympia, WA 98501
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