Community Vitality is Cheryl's #1 Priority!

Olympia deserves a mayor who is practical, open-minded, optimistic, and collaborative. Someone with strong leadership skills, a solid sense of community, and a record of achievement.

 As political dysfunction spreads across our country from Washington, D.C., these qualities are more important than ever in local government, and that’s why I am running for re-election in 2019 as Olympia’s mayor.

 I’ve lived in Olympia for 24 years. I’ve raised a family, owned a downtown business, supported high-achieving schools, and volunteered for non-profit organizations. I’ve consistently worked for strong and fair law enforcement, excellent emergency services, and economic vitality for all.

 Communities can often get discouraged by difficult challenges, but we must not lose sight of what makes Olympia great: strong neighborhoods, thriving businesses, a vibrant arts scene, and residents who work together relentlessly and successfully.

 After 24 years, I’m still energized by opportunities to bring together everyone in our city to find solutions that make Olympia stronger, more inclusive, and economically vibrant.

 I would be honored to receive your vote for mayor in the August 6 primary and November 5 general elections.

Thank you for your vote and continued support.



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